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Maple digital nail art printer is a high-tech product, acquired many patents and international certificates. It is capable of painting swiftly any complicated pattern, word or photo on finger nail in 10 seconds. Painting effect reaches to high quality of photo. It is a necessary product in nail saloon and beauty saloon because of simply operating, easily learning, and exceeding over manual nail art in pattern variety, number, style, effect and efficiency.
size: 395 x 365 x 325mm
power: 55W
netweight: 14KG ¡¡grossweight: 23KG
inputvoltage: 220+/-10% Or 110+/-10%
Function:Color painting on 5 fingernails at one time, as well as on toenails, mobiles and ornamental articles; intelligent identification (Computer should be purchased by user).
As nail art printers are used for business places, the equipment must maintain a nonstop running and good durability. Therefore our company has developed a ¡°dual standby¡± system, i.e. core parts are imported, internal structure is optimized and
quality standard is upgraded in an all-round way; In addition, dual system is adopted for important and wearing components. In case one set of system is damaged, the other set can be started. Flying digital nail art printers can achieve a nonstop business indeed!
Maple S05 Nail art printer Price: 1000$ (free ship),Pay by paypal :
size: 395 x 365 x 390mm
power: 230W
netweight: 18KG grossweight: 27KG
inputvoltage: 220+/-10% Or 110+/-10%
Function:Color painting on 5 fingernails at one time, as well as on toenails, mobiles and ornamental articles; intelligent identification. Software and designs have been installed. The machine can be used directly without other external equipment.
Based on all advantages of the fifth generation Maple nail art printers, LCD liquid crystal display is developed for the sixth generation. From now on customers no longer need to purchase or connect a computer. In addition, the automatic restore function of the electronic U-disk is developed and
applied. In case the software system is damaged, memory data on U-disk provided with the equipment will automatically restore the system to factory defaults.

Need neither computer nor software installation procedures. Smart data restore. A full automatic digital nail art printer indeed.

A delicate machine that can be conveniently moved and flexibly placed. As unnecessary to connect other equipment, it only takes up a little space. So, it is the best choice for commercial ports where an inch of land is as expensive as an ounce of gold and for shops with limited space.
Maple S08 Nail art printer Price: 1480$ (free ship),Pay by paypal :

1.Intelligent identification function
The full name of intelligent identification technology is intelligent identification for curved nail surfaces and automatic correction technology. After application of this technology, pictures can automatically correspond to different nails, and be adjusted instantaneously according to true size and shape of each nail. This technology was initially applied to the fourth-generation nail art printer by our company.
2.Unique color change function
By application of this function, any existing picture provided with the printer by our company can change into pictures in hundreds of different colors to satisfy customers individual requirements for pictures.

3.Open galleries. Any form of picture can be adopted.

4.Intelligent detection of the distance between the nail surface and print head. Ink-jet intensity is automatically controlled according to the distance to ensure the exquisite effect on curved nail surfaces.

5.Automatically count and save daily and monthly number of times of ink jet painting by different operators. Operators have no authority to delete or modify data, instead, only the administrator is entitled to change password or check records. The management work becomes more convenient.

6.During the course of color painting, there is a 1mm ~ 3mm clearance between the print head and nail surface, with no hidden troubles of safety.

7.Up to 10 pictures can be preselected at one time.

8.Time for printing a color picture on a single nail is about 15 seconds. There is no long waiting time.

9.After beautification, the patterns can retain for 10 ~ 20 days.

10.According to nail size and complexity of pictures, the cost for each pair of hands is 0.5 ~ 1.2 Yuan.

11.Plus the optional digital camera or scanner, on-site shooting or scanning is available. User can print his/her own, his/her lovers or relatives head portrait on his/her nails. The target of service and coverage are further expanded, which makes nail art sublimated.

12.Customer may select the desired pictures from the picture album. Corresponding picture can be found when operator enters its serial number.

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